Client Case Studies

case study 1

Marianne Williamson

Her story:
Marianne decided to embark on her second Presidential run in 2024. She was looking to reach as many people as possible, and open to exploring podcasts instead of the traditional media utilized in most Presidential campaigns.

Our collaboration:
We helped Marianne get in front of audiences within the wellness space—where she could utilize her career as a spiritual thought leader to connect deeper with those audiences. We focused on a podcast tour where she could have more time to share her messages calling for action and asking for support among the wellness community. We coordinated 24 podcasts together.

Case study 2

             Atif Rafiq  

His story:
Atif's new book, Decision Sprint, is a WSJ bestselling book comprising a unique workflow method that helps teams and organizations innovate from the unknown. He integrated this unique problem-solving method into the foundation of his new workflow + AI product, called Ritual. He was looking to accelerate Ritual's reach among new audiences, and gain credibility for the brand through traditional media coverage.

Our collaboration:
I helped Atif refine his messaging around how to most clearly tell the story of Decision Sprint and Ritual together. I secured traditional media coverage for credibility with outlets like CNBC, and also secured a number of podcasts, giving him the opportunity to take more ownership of the messaging and build a deeper community around Ritual.

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